Albert Ortiz, chef of the year!

The Sweet goat milk and berries aromas Cabrils already surprised at the opening ceremony of the 2nd Gastronomic Tour the town
underway since July in the town of Maresme.


The effort, teamwork, perseverance, passion for cooking and the products of the land surrounding it, experimenting and combining tradition and modernity are rewarded Albert Ortiz, restaurant AXOL (Cabrils ), the recognition of Chef of the Year in the Forum Gastronomic Barcelona 2014. "I'm really excited and grateful. Hard work is rewarded "Says Ortiz.


The dish presented by Albert Ortiz at the event was the goat milk with sweet berry flavors and Cabrils elaborate desserts that are based on goat milk cream with white chocolate, fennel, spongy cake Carob, freeze-dried strawberry, honey with homemade berry pulp, blackberry sorbet, flower petals, a cloud made of sugar as a metaphor black goat hair, dry ice and an infusion of herbs village Cabrils: rosemary, thyme and carob. "While we eat dessert, we are smelling mountains Cabrils"Said Ortiz.


Indeed this was the dish that Albert Ortiz chose to cook live in the start of the 2nd edition of the Gastronomic Tour to Cabrils underway since last July and remain in force until May 2015 . The Gastronomic Tour is an initiative by the City of Cabrils restaurateurs and hoteliers Association of the town, among which there is the AXOL, and part of the strategy of the population promote economic core values: tourism and local cuisine and quality.


AXOL, local cuisine, fun, creative and emotional
The restaurant AXOL has family roots. Is run by Albert Ortiz and his sister Xènia. In addition, Albert and Xènia inherited passion for cooking from his father, also a restaurant owner in Cabrils The Xareta.


The AXOL is characterized by its proximity to nature (and Cabrils Maresme) with a traditional base but with the intention to move, be fun and avant-garde artist. Their food is stated Albert Ortiz extensive experience in restaurants from the likes of The Winery, El Bulli and Arzak.


With this new recognition, gastronomy Cabrils are in luck, as the town continues to gain prestige and quality statewide.


The Association of Cabrils is a hospitality organization with 17 years of history and currently represents 16 stores, all with one common denominator: the promotion of culture, tourism and local products Catalan culinary quality. Axol, La Bodega, the Concord, Ca Strange Cal Gras, Ca La Rosi Vias Hotel Mas de Baix, the Hostal de la Plaza, The Bite, The Orchard Cabrils Can Rin, Salt and Pepper, Can Tosca Can Stubborn, Xareta and Xeflis.