Hotel Mas de Baix

Hotel Mas de Baix

In a seventeenth century building, listed as a site of historical and cultural interest

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In a seventeenth century building, listed as a historical and cultural interest of either the Government of Catalonia, this small hotel is charming.

Its nine rooms, all doubles come with its own personality, each responding to the aesthetics of various regions of Europe.

Similarly, the common areas were distributed creating different atmospheres designed, as a whole, for the comfort of guests.

It has a meeting room for business and outdoor tent where you can do all kinds of celebrations.

In short, an exclusive space to enjoy it either negocics or pleasure.


Swimming pool and parking at the hotel.


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Hotel Mas de Baix
Pg. Tolrà, 1. 08348 Cabrils
T. 93 753 80 84 – Fax 93 753 80 85 /

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